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Strengthening Associations in Africa:
AfSAE Hosts 2nd Tanzania Associations Training Workshop

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Fostering Excellence: Tanzania Association & MICE Training Workshop

On February 21st and 22nd, 2024, the Julius Nyerere International Convention Center (JNICC) in Dar es Salaam hosted the highly anticipated Tanzania Association & MICE Training Workshop. Organized by the African Society of Association Executives (AfSAE), this prestigious event brought together leading figures from Tanzania's association landscape for an intensive two-day learning experience.

The workshop aimed to empower participants with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance the effectiveness and impact of their associations. Renowned experts, including Gregg Talley and Jeffers Miruka, shared valuable insights and best practices on various crucial topics. These included the fundamentals of association management, membership development, communication strategies, and sustainable revenue generation.


Additionally, the workshop delved into the exciting world of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE), equipping participants with the expertise to navigate the complex world of event planning, marketing, and international conference bidding processes.

The workshop's impact extended beyond knowledge sharing. Recognizing the importance of fostering collaboration and growth within the Tanzanian association community, the event culminated in the formation of the AfSAE Tanzania Chapter. This exciting development, spearheaded by Chairperson Rodrick Nabe, Secretary Dr. Rose Reuben, and Treasurer Albertina Mella (founder of the Open Up Foundation), promises to become a catalyst for ongoing professional development and collaboration among associations in Tanzania.

The Tanzania Association & MICE Training Workshop concluded with a sense of accomplishment and renewed purpose. Equipped with new skills and strengthened networks, participants departed ready to leverage their newfound knowledge to empower their respective organizations and contribute significantly to the advancement of Tanzania's civil society.


This event served as a testament to AfSAE's ongoing commitment to building capacity within the African association management landscape, ensuring the continued success and positive impact of associations across the continent.

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